Healthcare Leads

Healthcare Leads

Healthcare Lead Generation

healthcare leads

Meet the barriers of healthcare marketing today with Logix Online Solutions as your healthcare lead generation partner. With our substantial expertise in healthcare lead generation, we’ve been one of the leading industry provider of healthcare-specific lead generation since 2012. Our experience with contacting healthcare organizations and practices is at your disposal, as well as our targeted cold calling campaigns. Connect with highly-qualified healthcare leads and sales appointments using our healthcare data management resources. Our philosophy has always been based on the quality—not the quantity—of healthcare sales leads. We believe that cold calling is only a channel for carefully screening prospects, not hauling in leads by the bucket.

How we do it?

We maintain an in-house database of key contacts from various medical institutions, allowing you to reach the right decision makers and influencers that represent your target organizations/companies such as:

Hospitals & Related Institutions

  • Medical Practitioners & Specialty Care Providers
  • Long-term Care Facilities
  • Health Insurance Carriers & Brokers
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Medical Laboratory/Diagnostic Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech Companies
  • Healthcare & Medical Research Groups