Frequently Asked Questions

Lists are compiled from membership rosters, registrations, public records, licenses, corporate & executive registers, postal records, surveys, questionnaires, census data, student lists, birth records, voter registrations, telemarketing efforts, mail & telephone inquiries and purchase information, telephone directories, rebate coupons, subscriber order forms, warranty card registrations, entry forms, credit & financial data, SEC listings, institution information, conference/trade show/seminar attendee registrations, government records, opt-in email responses, applications, and rating & licensing boards. All information is derived from proprietary, self-reported data, or sources of public record. It is obtained legally and ethically under strict list industry rules, regulations, and guidelines.

Compiled lists are updated monthly or quarterly through original source documentation, postal/ subscription/ credit changes of address, pander files, suppression files and telemarketing efforts.

Logix Online Solutions guarantees the deliverability and accuracy of all appended records. If for any reason you should receive a bounce-back or have an erroneous email we will issue you a credit for those records. Because people move and cancel email accounts this guarantee is good for 14 days from the day you receive your newly appended data.

We proudly offer one of the fastest turnaround times on append files. Upon receiving your data we require 7 – 10 days to complete the total append process and return your data. In some cases we have been able to reduce that time to 24 hours when necessary. Because of our relationship directly with the nation’s largest data consortium, we are not required to “pass” our data to several different locations. This results in a more efficient process and faster service.

We average 5 working days to delivery any list, this involves verification process as well and building additional contacts if needed. List can also be delivered in 24 hrs this involves special fee.

It is generally expected that an email database of customers will show 1-2% turnover each month as people move, change jobs or switch Internet providers. This is a great reason to make sure your append provider has data that is updated regularly. We also provide continuing services to help keep your email records valid and up-to-date.

Our pricing depends on the volume/number of records or the criteria you are looking to acquire. Meaning, more the number of records you acquire lesser you pay per contact.

  • We focus on service and deeply value our association with customers. Logix Online Solutions has over 4 years of experience to offer.
  • We have the most competitive industry prices for email verified lists, data management and other digital marketing solutions.
  • Our group has adopted a manual verification process which requires our resources to validate each contact on your list.
  • A one-stop list source. We deliver thoroughly verified mailing, telemarketing, fax and email lists.
  • We customize data to fit every customer’s need.
  • Instant verified counts and investment options.
  • Volume pricing, Quick pricing and ordering.
  • Access to the current data available.